Monday, July 11, 2005

Tiruvasagam Oratorio

Much awaited Tiruvasagam Oratorio has arrived. It's worth waiting for this grand work.

So far I've been blessed to pay only floral tribute. Maestro Ilayaraaja is blessed to give a very grand...really very grand musical tribute to Lord Shiva (with the help of Tiruvasagam). I really envy you, Maestro.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Music or Mind?

Someone has said this: "Life without music is like a journey in a desert". How true it's. Listening to one song revokes memories of time spent in a new land/country. Another song fetches memories of leaving home to a far place for work. Another song fetches memories of struggling period. According to "I'm OK, you're OK" author, mind is a magnetic tape. It records events when it's experienced and retrieves when it's needed. Nuance of what.? Mind or Music or Life?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mind-reading machine

"It is possible to read someone’s mind by remotely measuring their brain activity, researchers have shown". In fact, that's from I'm not sure how far this will be helpful for somebody else, but, definitely for people like me, it will be helpful, may be with some added features. Whenever there's an urge to blog and a system is not accessible to blog, it can read the mind and blog. Isn't it too much? ;-). Well, thoughts pour in when there's no system. System is right in front but thoughts fail to pour in. Made my point? ;-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pros & Cons

Most of us support "Privatisation" because of the poor service from public sector. Leave alone poor service. Its public servants' carelessness that most of us don't like. "Privatisation" has its own pros & cons like everything in the universe has.

I've been using set of corporate Credit Cards from a well known Credit Card company. All these credit card companies are, now-a-days, very aggressive in selling their EMI conversion product. Customers can pay back their outstanding in installments instead of the traditional one time or revolving methods. I've been using these cards for almost a year. So far, I've never had any complaint against them. Last time I used one of the cards for fabrics purchase that too just for 1000 bucks. When I received my statement for the month, I was really puzzled to see that my last transaction amount was converted to three EMIs'. I rang up their 24-hr call center to discuss about this ridiculous thing. I was really shocked when their representative said "Contact the merchant. It was the merchant who's converted this transaction to EMIs". Merchant? Who the heck he's to give such instruction? Finally, after I sang a "lullaby", he'd agreed to reverse it. How do I take it.? It's just a mistake of someone? Or it's their trick? Whatever be the case, I'm not going to leave them. Though it's a mistake from their side, one thing that most of us like to go for privatisation is, you have someone who's responsible.

Let me see whether they're really responsible.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Our new facility in Cyber city is ready. We are in the process of occupying it in phases. I happened to visit it today. It really looks amazing with fabulous interiors & exteriors. I'm sure this is going to be the best facility among all our facilities in India. It's really huge, be it food court, reception, gymnasium or corridor. One can really get an idea as to what the growth is going to be in the years to come.

Not only our company has a fabulous facility in this rocky area. Few other companies too have excellent facilities. But, all of them are private firms. This really made me ponder. Had it been a Government undertaking/Organization, what would have happened? This kind of planning would be there? The area which is under construction would be this much clean? How it would look like after some time? It's a question of vision & professionalism.

Do we compare a lot now-a-days.? I don't think so. It's not comparison. It's their "yearning" to have this "good thing" in everything especially in Government Organizations.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

After a long gap...

I got transferred from one branch to another. It was the last day. I was early to office and on-line on an Instant Messenger. All of a sudden, IM window pops up with a message: "Care for a chat.?" from a girl. Mind had a scrolling electronic board on its back with questions like "packed everything? taken flight tickets? Handed over all documents?" since that evening I had to catch my flight to the other city. Ok, let me switch off this board for some time and try to know what this girl had to say, as it happens now-a-days, whenever I read their blogs/articles, "let me try to know what these girls say/know and do". After all initial and typical questions & answers, It was "Do you blog.?". "Blog, what is that?". Not an expected reply from a girl, who does her masters in the so-called silicon valley of India. "This is what it is..refer my blog.." Pat came the reply "It's fine. Tell me Why do you blog..." That's a difficult question. Though I told her (rather trying to convince her), it's a passion, good media for networking etc., the thing which left me pondering for some time was her "kid" like mind, want to know things, want to question and not easily convinced. Though still I say the same reasons for blogging, I'm not sure whether it was a co-incidence that I could not blog after that day.

As Robert Kiyosaki said, life really pushes us around. Last 8 months have been, as I was telling one my friends, like doing river rafting (after my two trips to white water rafting in The Ganges ;-) ), from losing a loved one to getting my loved one married after lot of struggle. But, when I look back now, it has been great, on a testing platform so far.

The area where my office is located, is surrounded by rocks. When I look outside from my window at office, there is always a question in my mind. What life tells me.? "You really rock" or "It's going to be rocky again".

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Love Icon..!!!

Finally, I could visit the place which I wanted to visit first after relocating to Delhi; it is the marvelous Taj Mahal. Worst part is I visited this place before relocating from Delhi. Yes, I would be off from Delhi in a weeks’ time. I’m moving back to Hyderabad where I had lived for nearly 2 years before coming to Delhi. With this trip, my aim to visit most of the places in North India has come to an end, may be, temporarily.

It was a good drive from Delhi to Agra, a good highway with uninterrupted mobile connectivity. Agra is a normal Indian city; one cannot expect it to be very attractive. Except Taj Mahal nothing here is attractive. Though there are some other places to visit, like Agra fort et al., we visited only The Taj Mahal. After set of security checks, the marvelous Taj Mahal is in front of your eyes. I’m sure one will start pondering after seeing Taj Mahal. This really shows how much Shajahan, one of the then princesses of India, loved his wife, Mumtaz. It is said that he started constructing Taj Mahal as a tribute to his wife after she died. It is believed that his empire was mourning for 2 years after she died. No wonder his love was a wonder (Still a wonder for many of us). That is the reason Taj Mahal is still ‘Wonder’ful. Not only Taj Mahal is losing its beauty, the adjacently flowing river yamuna is also losing its beauty. Before visiting Taj Mahal, my mind had a picture of all white Taj Mahal with impressive river Yamuna flowing adjacently. But, after this visit, my mind has lost that picture. I shouldn’t have visited?